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YUKATRACK GPS tracker with mobile phone application and SIM card included for all types of vehicles. - Ref. 47056
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YUKATRACK GPS tracker with mobile phone application and SIM card included for all types of vehicles.
Good value product in high German quality.
Unpack ➤ plug in ➤ locate ➤.
SIM card included
No hidden costs! You can use our GPS vehicle tracking for a full 12 months free of charge throughout Europe. Full service - no contract, no subscription!
100% data protection
All GPS movement data is transmitted absolutely anonymously and processed on German servers. Data protection is very important to us.
Trust is good, YUKAtrack GPS tracking is better.
These are normal, everyday examples where GPS vehicle tracking from YUKAtrack is a hero. To the questions: Where did I park my car? Where is it, which employee, with which vehicle? Where are my children currently driving? Who caused the ticket? YUKAtrack gives you the answer to these and many other questions.
YUKAtrack also contributes to the theft protection of cars, motorhomes, caravans, caravans, trucks, vans, vintage cars, boats, construction machinery, mobile homes, motorbikes, taxis and ALL other vehicles.
Using the GPS tracker hidden in the vehicle, or the easyWire (wired) version, you can determine the exact location or, for example, the speed of your vehicles at any time and receive an alarm message in the form of a push notification via pre-created GPS geofence zones.
The YUKAtrack app: your control centre from anywhere!
Users benefit from the easy-to-use YUKAtrack app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With access to live GPS data and your evaluations, you can locate one or more vehicles at any time. Evaluate, for example, speeds and area violations, or check the route report to see where the vehicle has been and where it has been used in the last few days. The YUKAtrack app is a reliable companion for the location of your vehicle, even when you are not in the car. Keep track of your routes, drivers and vehicles from anywhere.
The automated, digital creation of the YUKAtrack tax office-compatible electronic logbook means that all data, such as the total number of vehicle kilometres travelled, distances travelled and speeds, are constantly recorded. documentation errors are avoided!
Live tracking:
As a user, you can see where your drivers or vehicles are at any time. Precise live GPS positioning can prevent theft or route changes due to current events. In this way, delays and backlogs can be prevented, for example with deliveries.
Virtual fence:
A virtual fence (geofencing) refers to the automated triggering of an action when exceeding a predefined boundary, route or area. Theft and unauthorised use can be prevented with the geofencing function.
Speed control:
With YUKAtrack's speed monitoring, you can follow the rides live! Track travel times, speed violations, work and idle times. Live information allows you to intervene as quickly as possible and, if necessary, make changes to journeys.
Tracking reports:
The use of route reports is indispensable for individuals and employers. All necessary data such as location, date, speeding, start and end locations and driver information are collected, stored and visually displayed. The collected data allows you to plan routes better: your journeys become more efficient and economical.
Alarm messages:
There are many different ways and situations in which an alarm can be triggered. The various alarms help YUKAtrack users to evaluate data such as start/finish, kilometres travelled, idle times, virtual fence crossings and much more, and turn them into efficiency and economy.
Our packages: GPS vehicle tracking.
YUKAtrack is a new type of GPS tracking box with integrated SIM card + Europe-wide data flat rate. YUKAtrack is available for customers in OBD or wired version. In connection with our smartphone app YUKAtrack, you can use the full-featured real-time GPS location for a full 12 months at no extra cost.
You can find more information on the manufacturer's website.

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