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Powerservice NDS GOLD 30-M 5 phases Battery charge manager for motorhomes and campers. - Ref. GOLD 30M
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Powerservice NDS GOLD 30M/L 5 phases Motorhome and camper battery charge manager.

Compatible with EURO 6 vehicles.

POWERSERVICE is a special electronic battery charger that, thanks to an NDS patent, makes the most of the alternator's energy, charging with curves designed for batteries for service use of any technology (Lithium, LiFePO4, AGM, Gel, Free Acid ).

Depending on the version, BASIC, PLUS and GOLD, POWERSERVICE is able to fully automatically recharge service batteries installed in motorhomes, boats, ambulances and special vehicles, and also function as a charge controller for solar panels and battery chargers. . from the 230V network.

The system is managed by a microprocessor that guarantees a complete recharge in half the time compared to the alternator, thus providing more autonomy during your stops. This is also possible thanks to the optimization of the three charge curves, which can be selected by means of a switch that allows choosing the type of battery to be recharged between Lithium (LiFePO4), Gel, AGM, Free Acid.
Each charging curve is divided into 5 phases, including the Desulphation phase, which, in addition to guaranteeing a perfect recharge, allows you to improve the general performance of the battery by helping to restore the level of efficiency after prolonged stops, extending its life.

Why choose POWERSERVICE: service batteries installed in motorhomes, caravans, boats, etc., are used for cyclical use, that is, they are cyclically discharged and recharged while batteries used for starting, on the contrary, are always charged. Due to different use, the two types of batteries need to be charged in different ways.

STARTING BATTERIES are kept charged by the alternator, which is not a battery charger, but a generator that delivers current (Ampére) when the vehicle needs it.

THE SERVICE BATTERIES, once discharged, need a different charging parameter than the starter battery, as the alternator does not work correctly, so they need a charger.

Three different power sources
Microprocessor load management
5-phase charging with desulfation

Selector for lithium (LiFePO4), AGM, gel, free acid batteries
Charge up to 30 amps every hour of travel




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If you have problems when making your purchase, do it from our old website: https://d7.mitortuga.es