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Neil Camper Full Slim air conditioner NEW MODEL 2021 - Ref. 430
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Neil Camper Full Slim air conditioner NEW MODEL 2021

NEW MODEL to highlight its new water pumps with "Brushless" technology (without coals) used in this air conditioner, it emits practically no sounds.

The Neil Camper Mini air conditioner has UV protection to guarantee its duration. In this way we also avoid changes in the color of the air conditioner.

Neil air conditioners have a unique patented system for Pre-Cooling the water , therefore not needing to add ice to the water, not even on extremely hot days. Tests have been made with water at 80 ºC, still obtaining optimal performance.

-They also have the lowest height on the market, being only 9 cm in the Camper model, reaching 11cm. of maximum height, once assembled with the adjustment rubber.

-It has a remote control with a digital electronic board and the possibility of programming both the on and off times, four high-flow air nozzles with the possibility of rotating 360º and the lowest amperage consumption on the market.

-12V operation.

-Beig interior ceiling light.

-New models with interior improvements and remote control that obeys from anywhere.

Pre-Cooling System: YES

Water tank: No

Height: 9 cm.

Water pump: Brushless (silent)

Controller: Premium (Clock, Alarm, etc)

Remote Control: Included

Air flow (Maximum): 700 m3/Hour

Air speeds: 10 speeds

Approximate cooling capacity: 1000 to 6000 BTU/Hour

External dimensions: 87cm x 62cm x 9cm

Interior Dimensions: 56cm x 34cm x 4cm

Weight With packaging: 18kg

Weight without water: 12kg

Weight with water: 14kg

Minimum opening in the ceiling: 30cm x 40cm

-You can see the installation brico in the Obelix brico, click on the following link.


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