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Air suspension FIAT DUCATO 2006> PURGA MOD. - Ref. SFD250P
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Motorhome air suspension for FIAT DUCATO FROM THE YEAR 2006, improves stability, vehicle control against swaying due to wind, roundabouts, excess load, etc...

A much more comfortable kit than the basic ones, since it does not need an external agent for its regulation. At any time, from inside the vehicle, we can adapt the pressure of each actuator according to our needs.

This kit consists of:

2 Oria brand 7” pneumatic actuators.

Tie-down brackets suitable for each make and model of vehicle

Check valves T

Compensating valves.

Compressor 72 l/min

Polyamide pneumatic tubes

nylon cable ties

Control panel made up of a button to start the compressor and two analog pressure gauges to display each pressure. This system allows you to help level the motorhome or camper in a parking lot, having more pressure on one cylinder than on another. Once we continue our march, it is not necessary to deflate the other balloon and put pressure back on, its valve system levels both with the same pressure.

At MITORTUGA.ES, after assembling suspensions from different brands, we believe that the Oria brand suspension is the best quality-price ratio on the market thanks to its high-quality components in finishes and super-robust air springs, with a much greater wall thickness of material. than the rest of its competitors.

The documentation for ITV is not included in the price of the kit, having an additional cost of 210.00 Euros VAT included (IF REQUIRED) for vehicles WITH ABS and 350.00 Euros for vehicles WITHOUT ABS.

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